Discover Best Travel Attractions in Fiji

January 18th, 2020 16:37 IST
Discover Best Travel Attractions in Fiji

With quite 300 islands hopping place, Fiji is one among the foremost popular places for lots of tropical attractions. Beside this Fiji is additionally a quintessential and an archipelago which is situated within the South Pacific ocean. This place Located near Australia and New Zealand. Fiji features a diverse religious landscape. during this country, Christians community lives within the majority. the most fact behind the abundance of the island is that the eruption that happened 150 million ago and though Fiji has abundant marine life.
Above all, Fiji is exclusive and luxurious in its way. This place also has many places to ascertain as an example of Rugged volcanic peaks, mesmerizing coral reefs, highly dense rain forests, and captivating waterfalls, etc. Also, the normal Fijian culture, handicrafts market, ancient artwork, enchanting music, and dance form attracts many tourists to go to this place. Although the tourism industry of Fiji features a significant contribution to its economy. Large forest reserves, calm tropical weather, white sandy beaches also are breathtaking places.

If travelers want to spend some quality time far away from the hustle and bustle of the town, this place is one of the foremost favorable travel spots for them. In our blog, we are getting to discover some major travel destinations which you ought to add in your travel itinerary.

Mamanuca Island

This place is legendary for several things, as an example, captivating natural beauty, and calm turquoise water. Both of those places make Mamanuca Island highly popular among tourists. These islands also are home to the world’s top surf breaks and coral reefs. From Fiji, Mamanuca island is that the only island listed among the UNESCO World Heritage site with 4th largest coral reef of the planet.

Due to its most extensive reefs, you'll also enjoy swimming, surfing, skin diving and snorkeling. Above all, enjoy the island hopping together with your loved ones with the blue lagoon cruise. the foremost popular tourist spot of Fiji has beautiful beaches and swagging palm trees with fresh, breezy air. There are many status resorts situated on the beachfront for travelers who want to enjoy on Mamanuca island.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

The first park of Fiji, Sigatoka dunes located near the south of Nadi around 60 km. Established for the conservation of the delicate ecosystem of coastal dunes near the mouth of Sigatoka River. Sigatoka sand dunes listed among the foremost visited places in Fiji.

You can surf the very best peak of dunes for witnessing the breathtaking views of the river and park. Moreover, you'll also explore various archaeological sites, which include ancient Lapita artifacts, 2000-year-old pottery and largest burial sites. For getting a peaceful and adventurous experience simultaneously, you want to visit this place.

Kadavu Island

Kadavu is that the fourth largest island of Fiji and therefore the most visited island after the Mamanuca islands. This beautiful island has spellbinding Great Astrolabe Reef, which is the largest and most abundant reef within the world. This makes Kadavu Island a spectacular diving spot for travelers.

The weather in Kadavu is tropical and suitable for everybody. you'll also explore much on the coastline of the island which is 58 km long and 14 km wide. The bays fringed by coral reefs and a mangrove forest provides shelter to wildlife and birds. Kadavu’s seemingly untouched by many of us.

Bouma National Heritage Park

Established in 1990, Bouma park is sort of popular among nature lovers, hikers and bird watchers. Situated on Taveuni island, the sweetness of this park spread everywhere the planet. Discover the dense rainforest, enchanting lagoons, carters and lots of wildlife spices present in Bouma National Heritage Park.

Start hiking through the rainforest to explore the traditional ruins near Vidawa. you'll also snorkel within the Waitabu marine Park. The Tavoro waterfall and other falls of the Korovou village are the most highlights of the heritage park. Besides traveling you'll also enjoy swimming within the cold volcanic pool.

Taveuni Hill Forts

The most ideal place for lovebirds and honeymoon couples is Taveuni Hill Fort. There are numerous forts situated on the land of Fiji, but Taveuni Hill Fort is sort of popular among all. Tongan Boss maile Latumai constructed this fort within the 18th century.

It is one of Fiji’s most charming sightseeing places. The 90m high steeply limestone ridge bending at the sting of the Sigatoka river is that the prime area for the stronghold. The views from the Taveuni Hill Fort are eye-catching.

Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

Oasis of lush green forest, Colo I Suva Forest Park features a crystal clear river set and peaceful surroundings situated near Suva, as depicted in its name. It offers everything which travelers want, like strolling at the lavish rain forest, hiking on rocky hills, fishing, swimming within the great natural pool, etc.

Enjoy the melodic birdlife. thanks to its enthralling greenery and rich vegetation, many eco-resorts are opened for tourists coming to go to this park.

Sri Siva SubramaniyaTemple

Situated in Nadi, Sri Siva Subramaniya Swamy temple is the top travel attraction of Fiji. the most important Hindu temple constructed beautifully and draws the eye of the many devotees and travelers from the planet. Its colorful rainbow ceiling is mesmerizing in its own way.

This temple is devoted to God Mungan, who’s statue is carved by wooden material. The wooden statue carved came to Fiji from India. The specialists decorated the temple in its vivid coat and breathtaking roof mural. Don’t forget to feature this one in your itinerary.

Kula Eco Park

The largest family park crammed with unlimited fun and profoundly loved by kids. Kula adventure park present in Viti veau, the most important island of Fiji on the brink of Sigatoka. you'll also watch the pictures of native birds during this eco-park. This park holds indigenous flora and fauna. Discover various tropical plants and trees; wild species like lizard, parrot and dove. then, view Marine life, which exhibits tropical fish, colorful soft coral, and sea turtles.

Here we are concluding, but there are many places and islands which you'll visit in Fiji. Moreover, you'll shopping for Suva Municipal market which is sort of popular among travelers. Share your experiences with us about the Fiji tour.


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